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Castel Product Selector 5.0 vi permetterà di scegliere il prodotto Castel
più adatto alle vostre esigenze.

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Disclaimer - CPS

The information, data and estimates produced by this software are based on reliable sources and provided in good faith, but Castel SRL does not expressly or implicitly guarantee their accuracy, completeness and correctness. All content present is subject to modification at any time without advance notice or justification.
Castel shall not be held liable for the results of third parties’ use of the information produced by this software, which is purely informative
and indicative in nature and in no way constitutes a technical consultancy . The information shall in no case be considered a commercial offer or soliciting of the purchase or sale of products. Anyone using the results of the software does so at their own risk, and accepts complete responsibility for them.
All calculated values and selected components must be checked by the user.

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